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Welcome to Goldenrod Kennels!

As Golden Retriever Breeders, we've been raising our beautiful and intelligent Golden Retrievers in Western Pa and the Pittsburgh area since 1990. There are many AKC show champions in our bloodline. Primarily our Golden Retriever pups are placed as family pets and companion dogs with a few being shown by their families and some used for hunting. Our Golden puppies are in all areas of Western Pa as well as many other states.

Goldenrod Kennels is located in the village of Markle, Allegheny Township in Western Pa, about 35 miles north of Pittsburgh Pa near Monroeville and Lower Burrell. It is owned and operated by Norm & Bev Brozovich. Our Golden Pups are sold with either a "Full" or "Limited" AKC registration, depending on your future plans for the puppy.

For prices and availability or additional information please call us at
724-727-2683 . Or email us at : broz50@comcast.net
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"Bringing Your Puppy Home"
This collection of "How To's" will help you find answers to questions about puppy care. If you just bought your puppy, or just considering the option of bringing one home, these tips will help prepare you and your family for the newest addition!

Topics Include:
The Supplies You Will Need
Making a Safe Home
Fencing Options
Special Puppy Concerns
Training Your Dog
and more.........